The Stonewall Riots Event Of The Lgbt Community Essay

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The Polemic of Homesexual In 1960’s

The purpose of this paper is to examine how the Stonewall Riots event of the LGBT community helps gain their civil rights movement.During the 1960’s the Stonewall riots started the gay right movement. The key goals of the gay and lesbian political movement has been to win and protest civil rights protection against discrimination, helping the gays and lesbian get their employment and housing for a better living conditions.During the 1960, the place called Stonewall Riots was not only the cause of tension of the gays, by being arrested for not having license nor the age to drink, or not having the same characteristics as any normal person, but they were being arrested for being himself. As matter of fact it also was the place where the gays, lesbian, bixeaull ,trangerder, ect. Began to have hope for their freedom.

During the 60’s the LGBT were mentally and physically mistreated, for being , and acting differently from society.homosexuality was classified as a mental illness by the American psychiatric. According to the american psychiatric associationn homosexuallity was listed as a mental illeness in (DSM-ll) the diagnostic and statistical manual, which is so-called a mental disorders, that was classified by the APA’s standard. Through this it can be analyze how the LGBT were actually treated. This people even doctor didn’t have any morals as an individual.They were being manipulated by all the combustions…

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