Essay on The State Of New York

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The state of New York has 27 districts in United Stated House of Representatives. The state’s districts house 18 members of the Democratic party and 9 members of the Republican party who are all serving in one or more standing committees. One of these representatives is the only one who is serving in the Rules committee by the name of Louise Slaughter. The Rules committee is known as the “traffic cop” of the house since every major bill must be decided if it will be debated or amended before being sent to the House floor. The bill can also be granted a waiver by the committee if cannot be allowed be allowed to enter the floor for consideration. Slaughter currently serves as the ranking minority member within the Rules committee since 2012. I believe Slaughter is very “responsive” towards various issues state of New York because she has passed many bills that have resolved controversial issues, provided many constituency services to the people of the 25th congressional district, and is continuing to advocate solutions towards active problems that hinder progress in the Congress. As a matter of fact, Slaughter has proposed and passed many bills into legislation involving many issues as such immigration, veterans, and infrastructure. Many of those accomplishments such as Violence Against Women Act of 1994, provided protection for immigrant women, LGBT individuals, and Native Americans against domestic violence. She provided many provisions within the act that would allow an…

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