The Starting Point Of The Catholic Teaching Essay examples

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The starting point of the Catholic teaching can be seen as protecting and promoting one’s personal dignity. Human dignity is something that cannot be taken away from or forfeited by an individual in any manner (30). Human dignity states that every person is worthy and must be free from slavery and other acts that are appropriate to human nature (Webster Dictionary). Humans have dignity not because of what they have accomplished in their past, but because God created the person in his image with dignity (29). Through this view, humans are made to experience love and not to live in isolation. This social concept is a key component of the Catholic view of a human and their dignity when discussing the ability of an individual to reach their full stature (25). Catholics view dignity in the concept of this social or communal aspect. Any work done by the community should promote individual’s dignity and protect it from anything that would threaten it (29).
It is very crucial for our society to be free and equal; therefore, we demand a sense of positive vibes at all times and require a sense of respect from one another. To me the three biggest aspects of Human Dignity are the right to life, freedom, and of course equality to all individuals. The religious understanding is very similar to the way I see it individually, except human dignity cannot be based around immanent considerations of any circumstance. The dignity protects the society against Darwinism and other acts that we…

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