The Start Of The 2015 Volkswagen Scandal Essay

773 Words Oct 29th, 2015 4 Pages
The start of the 2015 Volkswagen scandal began when the German automaker company “had a major push to sell diesel cars in the US” and was “backed by a huge marketing campaign trumpeting its cars ' low emissions” (Hotten). According to Chris Liakos, a reporter for CNN, “Volkswagen has already been ordered to recall nearly 500,000 vehicles in the U.S., after regulators revealed that it had installed ‘defeat devices’ to cheat tests” that dealt with the reporting of emissions. In accordance to the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Code of Ethics, Volkswagen has behaved unethically.
Located under the “general moral imperatives” category, the ACM states that one must “contribute to society” in a positive manner to remain ethical. It describes that the primary goal is to “minimize negative consequences… including threats to health and safety” (“ACM”). Volkswagen disobeyed this key principle when they installed the deceptive software. Not only are they destroying the environment, they are also subjecting their customers to horrible chemicals. Consistent exposure to these pollutants not only contributes to “ground-level ozone,” but have also “been linked with a range of serious health effects, including increased asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses that can be serious enough to send people to the hospital,” as stated in an article released by the EPA. “Exposure to ozone and particulate matter have also been associated with premature death due to…

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