Essay on The Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh

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Art Investigation
Describe and Analyze: Starry Night is one of Vincent Van Gogh, a French post-impressionist, many famous paintings and is also the most well-known. This painting was created in 1889 and is an oil on canvas landscape painting. According to Wikipedia Vincent Van Gogh painted this painting while in an asylum and is actually a view out of his window. Today, Starry Night is owned by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, New York and has been since 1941.
The night sky background was the first to catch my attention. It takes up most of the page and consists of whirly clouds, bright stars, and an even brighter moon that are painted in the bold colors of blue, white, black and yellow. The brush strokes can be easily seen in the painting, adding texture and a more dramatic look. This particular style was usually used in Vincent Van Gogh artwork to express emotions and a sense of movement. There are 2 whirly clouds in this painting that start from the left of the page and ends with a swirl in the middle of the page. These clouds are exaggerated and aren’t very realistic, yet flows calmly through the painting.
Surrounding these clouds are eleven bright stars and it has been said that this particular number has a religious meaning. The stars are yellow circles, but some have a bold white outline to give viewers a sense of glowing light and others are just bigger yellow circles that have a soft yellow glow. The moon is just as beautiful as the stars, but is bigger and…

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