The Standard Way Of Thinking About Mental Disorders Essay

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The standard way of thinking about mental disorders has it that every person with the same diagnosis will have their own experience, impacts the person 's thinking, feelings, and mood causing them to not have the ability to interact with others or even function on a daily basis. Not just one event but multiple events tend to trigger the beginning of a mental disorder, not only does it affect the person with the illness but family, friends, and community is also affected. When it comes to recovery early intervention and support is primal in improving the outcomes and a promising recovery. A very common mental illness that many experience is depression. Many may only have one episode in a lifetime but for others it 's all that they know. Depression isn 't just the feeling of sadness while going through a rough patch, it 's the loss of sleep, appetite, motivation, concentration and low self-esteem etc. Without a good treatment plan, episodes may recur multiple times causing the severity of the illness to increase to the point of feeling helpless and perhaps provoking suicidal thoughts. Facts show that one in five adults every year experience a mental illness.

In discussions of mental illnesses, one controversial issue has been whether or not phone apps can help aid in the treatment process. On the one hand, many argue that it will be convenient for the patient. On the other hand, others contend that it 's a lost cause. Others even maintain that it is primal that patients…

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