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Kidney Cancer In 2016, about 1,685,210 people will receive the message that no one wants to receive. They will be given the horrifying message “You have cancer.” Cancer is caused by the inability of a cell to stop dividing in the cell cycle. This causes the cells to be mutated and abnormal. Then, they can form solid malignant tumors, which can be anywhere in the body. Out of those 1,685,210 unfortunate people diagnosed with cancer, about 62,700 of them will be diagnosed with kidney cancer. Kidney cancer is defined as cancer that starts in the kidneys due to cells in the body beginning to grow out of control ( Although there are many different kinds of kidney cancer, the most common is renal cell ( Kidney cancer is also …show more content…
Some ways are getting a urinalysis, complete blood count, blood chemistry test, CT scan, MRI scan, or a fine needle aspiration ( All of these ways will help to show if a person has kidney cancer. Unfortunately, some ways can be tedious and time consuming. If one receives the message that they are positive for kidney cancer, there are an abundance of stages that one can have. Kidney cancer comes in four main stages, stage 1, 2, 3, and 4. All these stages are dependent on the size and location of the tumor. Stage 1 tells that there is a tumor smaller than 7cm and is only in the kidney. Stage 2 indicates that the tumor is 7cm or larger and only in the kidney. People with stage 1 or 2 kidney cancer have the best survival rate of about 92%. Unlike stage 2, stage 3 is when the tumor is larger than 7cm and is beginning to grow in a major vein. Lastly, stage 4, which is the most drastic, means the tumor is large, and it has spread to various parts of the body. Unfortunately, those with stage 3 or 4 cancer have a survival rate of about 12% ( ( Fortunately, many treatments have been discovered in order to help cure someone with kidney

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