The Stage Of Development That I Would Classify Myself As A Emerging Adulthood

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1. The stage of development that I would classify myself as is emerging adulthood. For several reasons, one is that I am 20-years-old, which is in the middle of the transition period between adolescence to adulthood. Psychology professor, Jeffrey Arnett describes “emerging adulthood” as a time for identity exploration, instability, and self-focus (Henig, 2010). I completely relate to these traits, considering I am gaining more independence while pursuing higher education; my time in college has been consumed by years of discovering myself through a variety of classes, friendships, and spiritually. While I am attempting to get a solid grasp of adulthood, I still need my parents and siblings to guide me through unknown or weary experiences and responsibilities (finances, career path, intimate relationships, etc.).
2. Postformal thought is a type of thinking that is relativistic, flexible, tolerant of uncertainty, and integrated with emotion (Steinberg et al., 2011, p. 422). I can safely categorize myself in the postformal thought stage of cognitive development. I believe there is not necessarily one way of doing things and that such situations, I may need to weigh the pros and cons. I understand that there is not a clear-cut path for me, whether that is career, marriage, or future-family matters.
As frightening as the unknown future sounds, I am assured that if I listen to my heart, I can make the best decision for myself, even if someone does not agree with my process. To…

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