Essay on The Spirit Of The Times

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Spirit of the times Since the beginning of the time and the lost generation, the world has been entertained by instrumental sounds. This is a way to show happiness and to take stress away. In the 1920s, the African American community had a major development in jazz music. It was major progress. This type of music started to spread from one city to another city till it takes the whole country. The people were falling in love with the jazz music and it was approved as a good new musical form. This particular style of music has some very fascinating elements, such as improvisation. The singers and the musicians took it to another level. They started to add new style to it. They artists started to perform at the cotton club and other local places. Some of the artists and the musicians became popular. People started to request their performance all over the country. Among these national celebrities: we found Bessie, Armstrong and Duke Ellington. They’re very good and passionate. The people start to drink alcohol and dancing all the hours till the early morning.

During the Gi generation in 1920 to 1946, the new style of music was doing superb. Over the age the artist started to improvise to it. They made a way for the Big Band Era of Swing. The B-B-E-S was a transition from jazz music to swing. The Big Band Era of swing music is something that combines with multiple sounds such as improvisational brilliance, sophistication harmonic, and danceable…

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