The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down Written By Anne Fadiman

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The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down written by Anne Fadiman has been one of the most interesting books that I have ever read. It is a book that informed me about the very interesting Hmong culture and gave me insight on how two cultures can collide because of different values that each one may hold. The book intrigues the reader by introducing the Hmong culture and their beliefs. The Lee family is Hmong family that were refugees and settled down in Merced, California. The members of the Lee family include Foua who was the maternal Grandmother and Nao Kao was the maternal grandfather. They had nine children, their names were Chong, Zoua Cheng, May, Yer, True, Mai, Pang, and Lia. The book includes history of Hmong and all the struggles they endured and also their beliefs towards the Western medical profession. The story revolves on the life of the Lee’s youngest daughter Lia Lee who suffers from Epilepsies and their clash with the medical field. Hmong culture is known to love their children unconditionally and of course the Lee family cares very deeply for all of their children specially their daughter who suffers from Epilepsy. The main caregivers of the family are the mother and father, Foua and Nao Kao. They care very deeply for all of their children and spoil Lia. Lia seems to be the princess of the home and is even allowed to sleep in the same bed as her parents. Nao Kao tends to apply the discipline to his family by valuing his commitment to his family lineage. The…

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