The Speech On Black Women Essay

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The week had been long, yet eventful. The multiple meetings with fellow organizations and countless hours of volunteer services had me drained. Add the hours of academic work, and well, I could never complain that my life was uneventful.On this eventful day, the Social Justice Fellows were holding our monthly guest speaker meeting. Although at the time I was feeling tired and a little lethargic, the monthly Social Justice meetings always gave me a boost of inspiration. I have an affinity towards academia and activism, but an even stronger affinity towards intellectual discourse. Which these meetings never left me disappointed. On this day our guest speakers were a group of community activist, mental health workers, and a few professors whose focus was intersectional systems of oppression that affect black women.For the hour we discussed inequalities that black women (and people of color) face, ways as activist that we may combat these inequalities, and the psychological influence that systematic and institutional oppression has on black women. The discussion was thought-provoking; as always, however I found myself in a conundrum of sorts.
Here I sat in a room with women whom I admired and also worked with. Their passions an infinite spectrum ranging from environmental justice to demanding a pay increase for our cafeteria workers. I shared almost every part of my existence with these women.We shared a common living space, attended the same classes, and faithfully crowded…

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