The Speech I Attended By Reverend Randy Blumer Essay

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The speech I attended, was given at Chancellor Reformed Church in Chancellor, South Dakota. It was during the morning of April 17th and given by Reverend Randy Blumer. The purpose of the speech was to inform the audience of the good news of Jesus Christ. The speaker’s goal was to remember, celebrate, and believe the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He accomplished his goal by using examples, Bible verses, and reasoning. In the beginning of his sermon, Pastor Randy used a story of a little kid in Sunday School to get the audience’s attention. He told of the story that the young kid was being asked questions on the days of creation. When the teacher asked about the third day, the kid answered: “on the third day God created the open tomb”. This story of a kid getting mixed up in his Bible accounts was used very effectively to get the audience’s attention and lead into the rest of the sermon. During the speech, Pastor Randy used good transitions because they clearly separated two different thoughts or type of evidence he used. For the conclusion of Pastor’s speech, he used gave a summary of his evidence and his main points. He also referenced the story of the little kid which was his attention getter. This allowed the listeners to remember his main points and gave the speech a nice wrap up. The main points of his sermon were not as clear as some speeches are. Although they were not clear you can conclude that his two main points was the story of Thomas the apostle and the…

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