The Spanish Exploration Of America Essay

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The Spanish exploration of America brought many new foods, types of plants, and forms of wealth to the European world. The wealth brought to Spain from the Americas came at a cost that was paid for by the enslavement and the sufferings of Native Americans and eventually the Africans. The Spanish colonization from 1492 to 1700 was motivated by religious conversion of all peoples in America and the desire for wealth and profit that had a significant impact on the lives of Native Americans and Africans.

First, colonization by the Spanish was motivated by religious conversion. Columbus first “discovered” America in 1492. At that same time in Europe, the Reconquista occurred in Spanish principalities. The Reconquista kicked out the Islamic Moors and expelled the Jews who lived there. These actions caused Pope Alexander VI to reward Spain with the Bull of Donation which gave Spain full authority to colonize the New World. The Pope wanted to convert the natives who lived there, so he issued the Doctrine of Discovery which stated that “as you duty, to lead the peoples dwelling in those islands and countries to embrace the Christian religion”. This doctrine was a very vital part in motivation for exploring the Americas. The Pope was at the top of political scale because he decided who and who did not go to heaven. The Pope used his papal supremacy to make anyone do what he wanted. This meant that the Spanish had to convert the Natives to reserve a spot in Heaven. Some Spaniards…

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