The Negative Aspects Of The Space Race During The Cold War

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On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union sent Sputnik, and unmanned satellite, into space. This event marked the beginning of a new age in science and exploration. The space race took place during the cold war. The Cold War was a war between the United States and the Soviet Union, there was no actual fighting between the two nations it was more about who was better at other aspects. One of those aspects was space exploration. During the cold war there was many events and people who affected the United States, one of this including the Space race which was one of the most beneficial events to the United States’ military and political aspects.
The Space race like aforementioned unofficially started on october 4, 1957. The space race lasted many
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After World War two many german scientist fled the country and this is what Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace had to say; “The transfer of outstanding German scientists to this country for the advancement of our science seems wise and logical” (Wallace). This was an important idea because one of those scientist that came over was Von Braun who led the US’s space program. It was also important that someone in the government said it was a good idea because then other people will back him because he is higher up and has more say. Rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun led the United States in winning the space race. He had been in charge of making the V2 rockets that were to be used by Germany in bombing Great Britain. Braun’s dream was to always make it to space that is why he joined the German military in hoping to build rockets to go to space. When Germany was defeated in the war Von Braun ended up in the United States and helped develop their space program. With his help they were able to use ideas and technology from the German V2 rockets in order to build rockets able to do space travel ( McConnell). But along with rockets able to travel through space they were also able to make advancements to the rockets that were responsible for carrying nuclear weapons across the world. For the most part the beginning of the space race there was a lot of issues getting heavier rockets into space so there were many test and different designs to the rockets. With these test and failures it gave America an idea of what Russia was capable of. Going back to the satellites the United States are able to see what Russia is doing and how they are progressing. In order for America to be able to join the space race and even have a chance of winning it there needed to be policies that would allow them to do what they wanted to

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