The Soviet Union And The United States Essay

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Space is the void that exists between celestial bodies, including the Earth. This unknown area is a major interest by the large world powers. The thought of being able to control this infinite far-off territory compelled people to attempt to explore. In 1957 the Soviet Union and the United States became eager in learning about this remote abyss. The “race to space” quite clearly reflected the political, social and economic aspects if the Cold War because it was a fight for supremacy between two superpowers, both powers wanted to be the first to do everything including go to space and lastly both the Cold War and the “race to space” overall cost a great deal of money.

The Cold War was a fight between the powers of the Western Bloc and the powers of the Eastern Bloc. The Western Bloc consists of The United States and the members of NATO. The Eastern Bloc consists of the Soviet Union and all of its allies that are a part of the Warsaw Pact. These two global forces are fighting for the ultimate supremacy. Similarly, the Soviet Union and the United States are competing in a race to space. These powers wanted to expand their nations and rise above politically. The Soviet Union made the first move by launching a satellite, Sputnik. John Logsdon, Director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University in Washington D.C. was shocked that the Soviet Union were the first ones to launch into space. “Our movies and television programs in the fifties were full of the idea…

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