The Souls Of Black Folk Essays

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Conservative estimates put well-established, dynastic African civilization as beginning nearly 5,000 years prior to the first slaves landing in North America. Perhaps the greatest injustice ever conferred onto the African diaspora in America was the large-scale insistence on minimizing the vast and bountiful history from which they originated. W.E.B Du Bois, in writing The Souls of Black Folk draws a powerful comparison between this categorical miseducation that was necessary to perpetuate slavery in America, and the further miseducation that was necessary to keep blacks is their lower societal positions even after the abolition of slavery. There was no social mobility, because the systems that were created to elevate black society were really constructed specifically to limit any form of true and practical intelligence. The point of the chapter entitled “Of the Training of Black Men” was to bring light to the ways in which society seems to aid the black man while simultaneously working to maintain the status quo which had been developing for the quarter millennium in which slavery had existed in North America. The poor education standards of blacks in the American South and the elimination of African culture and history within African slave society are so strikingly similar because they both were means to the same end. By intentionally removing knowledge, both in the educational sense and in the sense of one’s internal understanding, it was much easier for those in power to…

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