Essay on The Soul : How It Is Different From Spirit, Mind And Body

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The Soul: how it is different from spirit, mind and body

The Soul Humans have always had a fascination in determining and describing what the soul is and what it can be. Influential Ancient Greek philosophers first introduced the topic of the Soul to the philosophical and psychological authority community since the dawn of Socrates ' age. Philosophers such as Plato believed in the immortality of the soul that composed of three parts (logical, high-spirited, appetitive) that influenced judgment and evaluation. While others like, Aristotle believed the soul (psyche) did not exist, but it was the form in living things that dictated reproduction, movement, and perception. James Hillman, like many of his predecessors believes a soul do exists. His interpretation of soul "refers to that unknown component which makes meaning possible, turns events into experiences, is communicated in love, and has a religious concern" (Hillman 21). This paper examines what the Soul is and how it differs from the spirit, mind, and body by applying certain ideologies into context of distinguishing their significance to human life. Hillman makes note that although the word soul is used interchangeably with words such as spirit and psyche, but the word soul has more metaphysical and romantic tones" that is shared with religion (Hillman 20). Hillman suggests there are three qualifications that the soul must abide to in developing effectively for the individual. First, "the soul refers the deepening…

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