My Father Told Me Song Analysis

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The title of song ‘The Nights’ represents that somethings might have gone from good to worse as the start of the song indirectly tells us that the starting events were at evening. It could also mean that the writer was lonely and had hard times, however the original name of the song was supposed to be ‘My Father Told Me’ and Furlong one of the co writers of the song said that he began writing the song as an ode to his father. And the title ‘My Father Told Me’ would represent that the characters father loved his son and he taught him many things from his life experience. The writers of the song are Nicholas Furlong, Jordan Suecof, Gabriel Benjamin and John Feldmann. However Furlong being the most prominent one as the was the one who started to write the song. There is very little known about the songwriter's personal lives but Furlong did tell during an interview that he started to write the song in the memory of his father. However the character in the song is Avicii and he is also the producer of the song.

When listening to the song the images that will come to a listener's mind will be of a father who loved his son and told him to go on adventures during and live a life that you will remember when you get older because you will regret it when you won't be able to go on those adventures anymore. Moreover there will be many transitions of day to night and vice
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The songs speaker is Avicii and the writers of the songs are Nicholas Furlong, Gabriel Benjamin, Jordan Suecof, John Feldmann and Avicii. The vocals are by Nicholas Furlong,The producer of the is Avicii and the co producer is Ash Pournouri. Some of the information is from the internet and I knew some of it

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