The Song Of Roland : Loyalty And Fidelity Essay

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Loyalty and Fidelity in “The song of Roland” The Song of Roland focuses on the battle of Saragossa between King Charlemagne’s bold and valiant men of France and King Marsille’s Pagan (Muslim) Spaniards. It’s through this battle brought on by Ganelon’s repute and revenge toward his stepson; Charlemagne’s nephew; Count Roland that the cultural values and conflicts between Western Europe and the Islamic world came to light. There is a vast amount of cleverly executed detail on the thoughts and feelings going on through the heads of the Pagans of Spain and more so in the case of “The Song of Roland”; the Christians of France. Following along with these character’s thoughts and feelings puts the reader in an emotional state which allows them to perceive values of each character being focused on throughout the reading in great detail. The reader learns that conflicts arise because a number of reasons, both Christians and the Pagans exude a vast amount of loyalty and fidelity toward their ruler, country and belief system. This loyalty toward their belief was a primal reason of conflict because Christians felt they needed to take action and convert those who were not Christian. Charlemagne’s goal at this time during the middle ages was the wide spread of the Christian faith in which he poured his soul and belief completely into. Almost all of his disciples, followers, relatives and people honored his rule greatly and fought valiantly to uphold this belief of widespread…

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