Essay about The Song, By Asher Roth

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In most pop and rap songs that kids and teens listen to these days convey blurry or misleading messages. But in the song G.R.I.N.D by Asher Roth, released as a single inspired by Asher Roth’s dad, gives a realistic point on how life is and how people really live. The song talks about how people should live and what true happiness is. The song also talks about how everything is not given to you, and you have to work for everything you get and you shouldn’t expect everything to be handed to you throughout life. Also the song expresses if you want to be free and be yourself you have to be open to change and accept it. Grinding, working hard, and changing is how people get what they want and where they are in life. The purpose of this song is to inspire young people to get up and work for what they want and be happy with what they have and get, also to not be afraid of change to be courageous during times of change. It’s not about having the fanciest houses or nicest cars it’s about loving what you have and living everyday as your last, and being a leader not another follower but also banding with other people and being a nation. The song gives an upbeat and good vibe and just makes people want to do something with their lives, and change for the better and be your own person in your life. Overall the song gives a vibe of working hard and changing, with a undertone of loving life and the people and things you 're surrounded by in your life. First the G.R.I.N.D tells how we…

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