Essay on The Song And Music Video

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Marshal Mathers otherwise known as Eminem or Slim Shady romanticized his struggle for success in his song and music video titled, Lose Yourself. The glorification of his struggle is the ideology of the song. In the context of this ideological critique, ideology is defined as, “…a system of meaning that helps define and explain the world and that makes value judgments about that world.” (Croteau, 2002). While Mathers sought out to tell his journey from humble beginnings to fame, the song resulted in an idealized version of reality. Mathers not only perpetuated the idea of violence as a stepping stone to success, he was also quick to forget his roots, and he glorified sacrifice, reinforcing that it is essential for achieving goals. He conveyed these messages through lyrics, imagery, and sound.
In both the song and music video, Mathers continually demonstrated violent behavior, enforcing that it is not only an important part of rap culture but also a fundamental part of success. While Mathers intended to show his struggle to stay safe as a hard-working, young father, he perpetuated the glorification of violent behavior. In one scene of the music video, Mathers could be seen fighting a large group of men for no apparent reason. There was no evidence that this encounter was for self-defense or even to help a third party. This violent episode appears to have been a fight for approval or appreciation within the rap community. According to Ronald Weitzer and Charis Kubrin, authors…

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