Essay on The Sociological Perspective Of Karl Marx

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The sociological perspective is defined as the social contexts in which people live in (Henslin 4). The way people live their lives and function in that aspect is in related to their concept of the world. It is important to consider the environment people are in, because biologically, humans are essentially identical, but the fact remains that what they experience has a direct correlation to how they behave. Certain people took upon themselves to develop theories that required the use of research to help explain the way people have lived and should live. Karl Marx is considered to be one of the most notable and controversial thinkers that contributed to the field of sociology. Karl Marx believed that society is made up of two separate classes: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. He believed that these two classes were made to be enemies and that is referred to as class conflict. The bourgeoisie were the wealthy people who owned the means of production and the proletariat were the less wealthy who were being used to work for the upper class. Marx believed that the workers would join up in arms and lead a coup against the bourgeoisie and establish a classless society. The main idea that stemmed indirectly from Marx’s idea was communism, although he did not like it (Henslin 6). George Herbert Mead was a sociologist that founded the principle of Pragmatism, developed the symbolic interaction perspective argument, and helped create social psychology (Crossman, “George…

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