Socio Economic Divide In America Essay

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In the United States, dividing residents based on class and wealth has been the norm for centuries. Those who struggle economically are considered lower class and left to struggle for the rest of their lives. Those of higher social standing and wealth are more likely to succeed and survive in the world. Over time, Americans gradually became more aware of the socioeconomic divide between different classes of people. There have been many causes linked to the socioeconomic divide of the United States, including events like the constant migration of people from other countries to America, political figures who have strict ideals about how the country should operate, the numerous amount of jobs that are available, and the constant judgment from people who have access to social media. The bigotry of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign revealed …show more content…
With the recent flow of immigrants that have traveled to America seeking a new home and better life, many Americans have started to think that the numbers of jobs available will decrease. Upper class Caucasian Americans, those who come from well off backgrounds, and others who voted for Donald Trump, mostly those of lower class, do not support immigration because they are fearful that they will lose their jobs. If millions of people from other countries come to America with greater skills, education, and a stronger drive to succeed than Americans who disagree with Immigration, what will happen to those Caucasian Americans? They will be pushed out and forced to face the reality that foreigners may just be more advanced and capable than they are. “Meanwhile, research has found that immigrants have a big positive impact on the economy over the long run, bolstering the profitability of American firms, reducing the prices of some products and services by providing employers with a new labor source and creating more opportunities for investment and jobs”

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