The Social Problem Of The United States Essay

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The social problem highlighted in this video is society’s failure to understand and police crime properly in the United States. Furthermore, the United States has the largest prison population in the world at a cost of 80 billion dollars per year, paid for by the taxpayers. The film Three Strikes Law, states in the 90’s the United States saw violent crime rise at epic proportions in the big cities across the country. The United States had already been locking up these criminals, but the criminal justice system would allow violent criminals to be released from prison early. Most of these career criminals were repeat offenders and ended up back in jail. It took two horrific crimes in California to grab the nation’s attention and create a social movement for change. The “three strikes and you’re out law,” was the response to the public outcry for something to be done. The law states that if a criminal were found guilty three times, they would be locked up for 25 years to life without parole. Twenty years later, crime rates have dropped in the United States, and the three strikes law seems to be successful. However, there are many unintended consequences from the implementation of the three strikes law. There are many causes to the social problem of crime. Crime has been a part of society since the rise of civilizations. Many structural, environmental situations are the catalyst from crime, such as, the economic downturn, poor mental health system, no clear path out of…

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