Essay on The Social Problem Of America Is A Credential Society

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telling these students, was they are not worth having anything new because the administration felt it would seem like they were rewarding deviant students.

The effects of this social problem benefits most people who are wealthy because in order to get a higher education one would need the resources and money to pay for it. America is a credential society. You can only achieve and get ahead depending on what credentials you obtain from school. Those who are poor are not able to afford college and most will not be able to obtain a higher education. People who are not able to get a higher education are not able to get a high paying job. People are then stuck where they are and not able to get themselves out of poverty. With low paying jobs, they usually have no medical benefits and the poor continue to struggle surviving on low minimum wage jobs and not being able to get out of the rural unsafe area of where they live.

Society labels and stereotype people from different ethnic groups. With the help of the media it displays, films, shows and news on how a particular race is portrayed. People watching this automatically gain a stereotypical view of how each race is. With the view on how the media portrays certain races leads people to think the minority, low class group, will not perform well in class academically. This is how some teachers view minorities and they will have lower expectation of them. Students do not do well if they know their teachers do not believe they can…

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