The Social Of A Social Enterprise Essay

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Social enterprise has flourished in recent years, and social entrepreneurship is transforming people in different parts of the world. The primary goal of the social enterprise is non-profit, and it continued use business and innovative approach to creating value for the community organization. For China, the social enterprise is still a new thing, only a few people in recent years have been understood the social entrepreneur, no matter from theory, law or practice, China is in the embryonic stage, also need a lot of efforts to develop and research.First, the background of social enterprises ' development and research factions
The causes of social enterprises ' rise, mainly from market failure,government failure and voluntary failure theory. The "invisible hand" of the market can solve certain social problems, but due to the existence of external effects, information asymmetry and other factors that are leading to market failure. In the first half of the 20th century, the economists represented by Keynes advocated government intervention. But the government also had the problem of supply mechanism failure, which was inadequate in the provision of public services and government that Non-Profit Organization was booming but there are deficiencies in the form, operation, and function of NPO, resulting in involuntary failure. Thus, a single department does not deal with many social problems, social enterprises in this context born out.
On the study of social…

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