The Social Norms Of Alcohol Intervention Essay

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The social norms approach to alcohol intervention is largely environmental. As opposed to directly attempting to adjust personal attitudes through persuasive techniques, the social norms approach seeks to provide individuals with accurate information regarding an environmental context (Perkins & Berkowitz, 1986). However, the heretofore use of these interventions has primarily been to reduce typical drinking behaviors, neglecting to take into account the social context fostering alcohol use. Few interventions have applied the social norms approach to the prevention of event-specific drinking (i.e., 21st birthday drinking and Spring Break drinking; Lee et al., 2014; Neighbors et al., 2009). Yet, these events are isolated, occurring either once per lifetime or once per year. Tailgating, on the other hand, represents a high-risk drinking context that occurs repeatedly throughout each academic year, but no known study has attempted to reduce tailgating drinking. To address this lacuna, the current investigation aimed to test the effectiveness of alcohol interventions targeting a university football game. Specifically, the present study aimed to determine whether the gender-specific intervention, an intervention using context- and gender-specific descriptive norms, would more effective at reducing college students’ alcohol consumption while tailgating than a gender-neutral intervention, an intervention using gender-nonspecific and context-specific messages. Results of…

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