The Social Learning Theory Developed By John Krumboltz Essay

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Krumboltz’s Social Learning Theory The Social Learning Theory developed by John Krumboltz is based on social learning as its fundamental element. Krumboltz felt that factors such as social, cultural, political, and economics affect a persons career decisions (Sharf, 2013). His theoretical conceptions work within the framework of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Sharf describes several methods for changing faulty thinking in reference to career issues. One of these includes clarifying goals so that they are precise, and identifiable. Explorations are done with the client, and from these, choices are formed. Coupled with the client’s choices, skills that need to be learned are assessed. Equally important, it is necessary to address any inaccurate beliefs that are preventing clients from investigating possible careers. Moreover, Krumboltz sought inconsistencies between the client’s words, and his actions. By becoming aware of these idiosyncrasies, patterns can be altered to create a more positive outcome. Krumboltz identified four principles that affect a person’s career goals. “The first goal is to assist clients to take action that will lead them to achieving a more satisfying career and life. Second, career assessments are used to stimulate learning, not to match personal characteristics to occupational ones. Next, exploratory actions are used to create beneficial events. Last, the success of…

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