The Social Impacts Of Automated Cars Essay example

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Have you ever being on a long car ride and wish the car can drive itself? Well the technology is closer then you thing. Many car company are working on this technology come true. With this kind of technology come many consider. You may be asking you self what consider what the big deal? While with technology comes many new things that people might have never thought about from social, cultural, political, economic, and environment effect of this technology coming true.
What is the social impacts of automated cars in American live? Will people accepted this technology or reject it? Most American hate the chore of drive place to place. Most people will accepted this new change once automated cars become affordable for average person. Sure, people enjoy have control of a car at first but, most people just enjoy the freedom that a car give them not the driving part. Now take driving part of the equation but still leave the freedom people might love that part more, add the addition fact automated car will much more safer and fuel efficient than average driver. Why wouldn’t everyone love to have this technology in their car? Small portion of this technology is already being used in some modern car today mostly in luxury cars, this technology include park assist, braking, lane assist. “Implementation of autonomous vehicles can greatly reduce the number of crashes, since 90 percent of the traffic accidents are caused by human error “(Forrest & Konca, 2007). Automated will have a…

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