The Social Construct Of White Privilege Essays

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The social construct of white privilege suggests that those of white skin colour are subject to economic and social advantages of which coloured individuals are devoid. Ultimately, it is an ethnocentric belief that white skin is at the top of the racial hierarchy. Arguably, white privilege in the United States has undergone a paradigm shift, as explicit discrimination of coloured individuals has evolved to become secretive, with many who possess the advantage taking it for granted or are in denial of its existence (Anderson 2012:30). To illustrate, a recent court case involving a lesbian woman by the name of Jennifer Cramblett, who, with her partner, had filed a law-suite against a Chicago-based sperm bank for artificially inseminating her with the sperm of a black male (Mystal 2014). Allegedly, the woman appeared to show more distain for birthing a coloured child versus being inseminated with the non-selected gamete. Moreover, Cramblett expressed concern for her child living in a racially intolerable community as well as “having to travel to a black neighborhood to get her daughter a decent haircut, where she 's "not overtly welcome"(Clifton 2014). Essentially, with this particular case as evidence, the focus of this essay is to explore the overt and covert nature of white privilege in the United States, specifically its role in generating racial divisions in typical American communities and how it has become an inherent part of the white identity. To begin with,…

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