Essay on The Social And Medical Models Of Disability

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The Social & Medical Models of Disability

Introduction: There are two main models of disability which are the medical model and the social model. ' 'Models of Disability are tools for defining impairment and, ultimately, for providing a basis upon which government and society can devise strategies for meeting the needs of disabled people '. (Models of Disability Michigan Disability Rights Coalition, (nd). Both of these models include insights into people 's perspective, how they communicate and illustrates how the society that will live in today can be made to make it a more accessible environment for them to live in. Due to many people in the world who have a mental or physical disability, it enables them to join in with society as if they were 'normal ' as they can be defined as abnormal. These models are changed over time just as society changes. 'Models change as society changes. Given this degree of understanding, our future objective should be to develop and operate a cluster of models, which will empower people with disabilities, giving them full and equal rights alongside their fellow citizens '. ( Models of Disability – Michigan Disability Rights of Coalition, (nd). I will now discuss the importance of both of these models as individuals as well as offering my own personal opinion.
Medical Model:
The medical model of disability is seen as a intellectual, sensory, mental health or physical disorder which is mainly concentrated on the causes, symptoms and…

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