The Snowden 's Ethical Behavior Essays

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Thomas Hobbes argued that in an imperfect world, individuals must be willing surrender a measure of these natural rights for the sake of peace, order, security and the rule of law (even assuming that “anonymity” should be numbered among those rights). The Snowden affair proves relevant to ethics because it drew discussion regarding the price they are willing to pay in terms of their privacy and liberty for the sake of security and national self-defense against aggression. Edward Snowden is a controversial figure in recent years due to his exposure of NSA civilian surveillance and leak of classified military information. Was Snowden engaged in ethical behavior? Using the frameworks of professional ethics, ethical philosophy, whistle blowing, official public administration code of ethics (ASPA), Snowden violated the law and was engaged in unethical behavior.
To prove that Snowden acted unethically, one must first define the standards of professional ethics that are required and expected of him. Professional ethics are applied principles of right and wrong relevant to specific occupations or professions. For anyone who works in Criminal Justice or Public Administration, one must follow the ethical formalism, critical thinking questions, and the common good to solve an ethical dilemma. Ethical formalism stipulates that a decision is good is that which conforms to categorical imperative, such as law. Additionally, there are 5 critical questions should be asked and answered…

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