The Slavery Of The United States Essay

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The United States was founded by compromise and cooperation, as the states stood together united against Britain. As the nation developed, socially, economically, and politically, the tensions prevented the use of cooperation and differences grew more pronounced. This new failure to compromise was caused by differing opinions on slavery, disagreements in the political spheres, and sectional divisions largely between the North and the South. Primarily, it was the harsh disagreement over slavery that resulted in the collapse of the compromise. Each citizen had his own opinion, and they were firmly set. There could be no compromise over the issue of slavery; you were either for it or you weren 't. Abolitionists, like those in the American Anti-Slavery Society, displayed their qualms and points openly, explicitly stating that “the slaves ought to be instantly set free.” (Document B) During the beginning of the campaigns against slavery, they understood their audience, largely northerners, would be skeptical, which is why they were so harsh to convince them of slavery 's evils. On the other hand, many southerners defended slavery, calling it a “positive good.” Their refusal to acknowledge northern arguments resulted in conflict. Slavery was a huge deal, and according to Lincoln, it “dominated every avenue of society,” not just politics. (Document G) This rejection of the commonly held view of slavery, only changed by politics, reflects the failures of many to understand…

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