The Slavery Of The North And The South Essay

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From the early 1800s, slavery was becoming more of a sectional issue meaning that the country was being divided by regional lines. Northerners were becoming more opposed to slavery, and Southerners were becoming more united in their defense of slavery as an institution. The North and the South not only differed in their view of slavery, they also adopted different lifestyles, political views and customs which made it hard for both sides to understand each other. The North was urbanized and industrialized while the South was full of plantations with slaves. Abolitionists arose in the north seeing the inhumane morals of slavery. They grew more and more powerful, and they opposed the extension of slavery as America kept expanding to the west. To the Southerners, slavery was necessary for the economy. They believed that the needed slaves for the booming cotton industry in the world. Slavery by 1850 was well over 200 years old and it was an integral part of the basic economy of the region. As America became more and more sectionalized, the federal government attempted to defuse the sectionalism by not picking a side but this would further increase the split between the North and South. The government splitted the country evenly between free and equal states. This was the beginning of sectionalism in America. In 1819, a problem occurred. Missouri’s 1819 request to become a slave state threatened to destroy the balance between slave states and free states (Clay, Missouri…

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