The Slavery Of Free Competition Essay

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Proslavery would be easy to support if you weren’t a slave. Out of the “Proslavery” authors none were in the slightest slaves themselves. The spoke as if they were a representative of the slave and this was accepted by the slave(s). The justification of slavery is written as though they are “protected” and in their own rights free to do as they please, given they work “no less than nine hours a day.” (Fitzhugh) They are referred to as insolent members of society incapable of being business owners or model citizens. They are viewed as “inferior to the white race and would be outwitted in the chaos of free competition.”(Fitzhugh) Basically saying that if they didn’t live within the slavery structure they wouldn’t know how to function in modern society. Without slaves the masters can ‘lounge about town, and have no other trouble” (Fitzhugh) Being referred to as children, it’s viewed that the “master labors for the slave, while the slave labors for industrial exchange.”(Fitzhugh) They are viewed as incumbent and incapable and thus trapped in slavery because of them being viewed as children.
Further dividing the slaves from outside communities they are views as carrying a disease that can only be controlled within their plantations. This disease is thought to “be in their minds” (DeBow) as well as on their skin. Similarly to Fitzhugh, they believe that providing a family environment they could prosper. They are viewed as incapable of governing themselves and thus are…

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