The Slaughter Of The Tutsi Essays

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The Hutu had treated the Tutsi as if they were animals or vermin. The Tutsi race were depicted as “animals,” “haughty,” and a superiority complex. Also, the Hutus claimed them to not be Rwandans, but Ugandans who favored “ethnic perfection”. Many everyday and common sentences and phrases had been used to refer to the extermination of the Tutsi race. They had to say these things in code so that what they had said did not show any “red flags” to those who were witnessing what had been happening. Such words and phrases referred to children as “small rats” or “pulling out the roots of the bad weeds,” which had been used to describe the killing of women and children. Moreover, many different labels, which were both degrading and dehumanizing, had paved the way for the persecution of the Tutsis. In addition, Tutsi lives were brought down to those of vermin and animals of sorts because of what the Hutus had believed of them.
The Hutu started segregating the Tutsi into groups and camps. At this point in the genocide process, militias have started sanctums. The militias eventually included nearly 50,000 members whom were going to play important roles in the 1994 genocide. Within twenty-four hours after President Habyarimana’s plane had crashed on April 6, 1994, army units had slaughtered roughly six thousand Rwandans. Among those who had been killed were almost every opposition figure in the country. After three days, the death toll had risen to twenty-thousand. Then,…

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