The Sinclair Family In 'We Were Liars'

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Welcome to the beautiful and distinguished Sinclair family; welcome to American perfection. We Were Liars illustrates a perfect family living the Dream life; private island, grand houses, big family, picnics on the beach and boat rides to the vineyard. The novel indicates abstract concepts of love, loss and youth, and demonstrates topics of tragic heroes, sibling rivalry and political power.

Harris Sinclair, the patriarch of the family, is the American ideal. He is the Sinclair family, and the Sinclair family is privilege, prosperity and ancient wealth. Although conversely the Sinclair family do not exemplify the American Dream, because they didn’t work for what they have.

In many ways, the character of Harris Sinclair resembles that of the famous
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While the fairytale duaghters profess their love to the king and ask for gifts, the Sinclair daughters turn to increasingly desperate tactics to claim the island’s most appealing sections for themselves. As the tales progress, unsuitable suitors for the daughters find their way into the fairytales and Cady, the narrator, also finds herself in love with a boy of whom her grandfather intensely dissaproves of.

Gatwick Patil is contemplation and enthusiasm; ambition and strong coffee. He is the nephew of one of Carrie’s Indian-origin. On beechwood Gat is an outsider. Throughout the novel, Gat acknowledges that Harris will never accept him because of his colour. He declares that the American Dream will not let him to the top, because though it claims to accept all, in reality it has a white idea which he does not meet. That is the futility of the American Dream; it is exlusive. Though it claims that anyone can reach the top, the truth is that only a select group will ever manage.

We Were Liars depicts a family living the Dream of wealth, despite their heartbreak, bitterness and the regret of the

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