The Simulated Automated Driving Platform Essay

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2.1 Participants
Thirty-six participants (18 males, 18 females) ranging from age 18 to 44 (M=22.1, SD=5.0) years of age took part in this laboratory session. Their reported years of driving experience ranged from 2 years to 27 years (M=5.3, SD=5.0). All of them had normal or corrected-to-normal vision, valid driver licenses, and had driven within the past month. Participants were compensated with $10/hour. Written informed consent was obtained prior to the study.
2.2 Apparatus
The simulated automated driving platform (see Chapter 2) was used in this experiment. When it was necessary, the vibration motors would be activated in the order of back-left, back-right, seat-right, and seat-left.
2.3 Questionnaires
All participants were asked to complete a questionnaire before engaging in the driving task. The questionnaire was designed to capture participants’ demographic situation (such as age, gender, etc), driving history (such as estimated cumulative driving mileage, the year a driver license was first issued, etc). In addition, Interpersonal Trust Scale was adopted to obtain subject’s personality in terms of tendency to trust (Rotter, 1967). The score was used as an index of tendency to trust in automated vehicles.
After each collision event, the subject was asked to complete a subjective questionnaire regarding the driver’s acceptance of the automated vehicle system, which included the loudness of the auditory warning, the intensity and the comfort levels of the vibration,…

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