The Simple Things Of Life Essay examples

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The Simple Things in Life “Cousins! Mommy the cousins are here!” Feisty, six year old Enid declared with glee, as my family and I pulled into her long driveway. After seven hours trapped in the van, I enthusiastically clambered out only to find myself ensnared by Enid’s short arms wrapped around my knees. Grinning and giggling, I returned her embrace and then entered the house, where the many other hugs awaited. Last August, I had the pleasure of visiting my extended family in Connecticut. My mother, siblings, and I showered our three little lady cousins and their hardworking parents with affection. Together, our group explored the Connecticut Science Center, where Cousin Iris, almost two, caringly fed a stone, frog statue with grass. We also gathered buckets of blueberries and raspberries from a charming farm down the road, well, except for Enid who remained quite focused on the task of eating the berries throughout. Delicious berries and the grand Science Center, however, did not fill the spotlight of this journey. Rather, the small moments with Enid, Iris, their younger sister, Phoebe, and the rest of the family epitomized the true joy that encompassed my venture to Connecticut. (10S, 196W) First born and fearless, Enid’s unending energy and insatiable curiousity shines through her desire to express herself in many varying forms. Some of the most endearing and hilarious moments on this trip took place when Enid arrived home from art camp each afternoon, semi-covered in…

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