The Similarities And Differences Employees Possess Within An Organization

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Diversity focuses on the similarities and differences employees possess within an organization. Although equal opportunity laws establish anti-discrimination standards in the workplace, these laws fall short of providing protection for personality differences that stem from upbringing, socialization and cultural characteristics. Employers can fill this void by establishing ways to introduce diversity in the workplace. Diversity initiatives include everyone and not just classes protected by law. (Scott, S.) It’s not enough to employ a workforce of individuals with varying backgrounds and views. We need to include their experiences and views when working with each other and when developing programs and services. This way we ensure respect and consideration of the diverse needs and perspectives of all Judicial Branch employees. Inclusion and diversity go hand in hand. I will be taking a look at my employer’s anti-discrimination policy and working towards developing a Diversity and Inclusion plan (the plan) that goes beyond the anti-discrimination policy to retain and attract a valuable diverse work group.

Vision The vision of the Judicial Branch’s future is to have a respectful and supportive workplace that attracts and retains a talented workforce. We want an organization which takes advantage of our own diversity to create programs and services which meet the diverse needs of those we serve and enable their full inclusion in the life of their judicial system. To…

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