The Silk Road And Its Impact On The World Essay

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The Silk Road, one of the largest and most influential trade routes in the world, has had a massive effect on not only china but a large portion of the world. It stretched from china through to India, Persia, Arabia and Europe and operated from around 114 BCE to 1450 CE. Not only material goods were exchanged, as religions, philosophies, technology and diseases were traded during the length of the Silk Road’s operation. This enormous trade route opened up opportunities for technology, as inventions were created that ultimately changed the world as we know it. The Silk Road functioned as a means of cultural exchange, spreading Chinas influence across many countries, boosting their power and authority. In this way, it transformed China and the countries that surround it.
The birth of the Silk Road occurred when China obtained power over the trade routes across central Asia. The small cities along the route did not protest this, as they could carry out the trade they depended on while being under the protection of Chinese garrisons . The trade was mostly carried on the backs of the two-humped Bactrian camel, which fashioned a heavy coat of hair to protect itself from harsh weather and the strength to carry 500 pounds . The Silk Road acquired its name because of the strong demand of silk from outside countries. It was considered by Europe to be an exotic, highly valuable material and ended up being a powerful asset for China. This is not to say that silk was easy to manufacture,…

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