The Silent Epidemic Of Mental Illness Essay

2239 Words Mar 8th, 2016 9 Pages
A fifteen year old girl from Portland, Oregon always felt as if she was different. This girl is named Courtney and she discovered that she is not as different as she thinks. She believed that something was different with her, however, she was unaware of anyone else who was dealing with the same issues. The fact is that Courtney was a part of a silent epidemic of mental illness in young kids. A mental health screening gave her an answer and all she had to do was fill out a questionnaire and answer some interview questions. This silent epidemic is not just with teenagers, however, it is seen throughout all ages in the world and in all regions of the world. This is not just something that needs to be fixed in America. This is a global epidemic that is just pushed under the rug by those who are not ready to face the fact that a mental illness is not a sin. Mental illness is prevalent in the world today and people to prepare themselves to change the viewpoint of it. In light of this, the world needs to have an initiative regarding awareness of mental illness. This will help prevent violent outbursts, treatment of those with mental illness will improve, and the stigma of mental illness will change.
To begin, a further understanding and awareness of mental illness will result in the prevention of violent outbursts. It is no secret that the majority of violent outbursts in the world are a direct result of mentally ill people. And the world should not be surprised when it is…

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