The Silence Theory: The Negative Effects Of The Media

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We have all been exposed to violence, abuse, drug and alcohol usage along with so many more negative images our everyday media has produced. This has become a part of our day to day lives whether we even notice it anymore. Media has been proven to have very profound effects on people’s perceptions of truth. So although all of this bad media in which we consume daily may have permanent effects, so could the good media we consume. We see uplifting stories in the news, talk to friends, and enjoy educational games. Media is a diversified mass of information which raises many new and unexplored questions. Among these lies the question: Does the media which we consume in our day to day lives have a negative impact on our world and personal lives? …show more content…
The effect takes place when an individual reads something in the media that is supposed to effect a certain percentage or group of people, maybe even an entire population. However, although the individual is aware of a certain action affecting others, they don’t consider themselves included. For example, if a source were to tell you that 38.5% of people will develop some form of cancer in their lives, would you imagine yourself to be included?
Another theory being studied in media psychology is The Silence Theory. The Silence Theory is relating to an individual amongst a group of people who do not share a similar belief or opinion as they might. Through The Silence Theory, people may shy away from expressing their true beliefs on a subject matter for fear of being rejected. This impacts the effect media has on us by limiting change.
Similar to The Silence Theory is the Social Cognitive Theory of Mass Communication. This complex psychological theory is extremely common, especially amongst teens. The Social Cognitive Theory of Mass Communication, not unlike The Silence Theory, effects an individual within a group. If the group has a similar opinion, the individual will be more likely to share it with
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This can include their views on civil rights. It can cause discrimination amongst a group of people due to the thoughts and feelings of other. Fear of change also gives fuel to The Silence Theory. If a group of people have always been treated as superior or inferior, people may not see a need for change. Despite entire communities of people practicing discrimination, individuals within that community may not support that practice. Unfortunately, they will most likely continue with these practices for fear of

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