Moral Dilemmas In Children Research Paper

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Almost daily people are faced with moral dilemmas which require them to make a decision based on their beliefs. The significance of moral dilemmas varies for each person, but regardless all people should at least have their own standards to be accountable for. In today’s times the possibility of a child not having been taught moral standards is continuously growing. Children who are not taught what is right or wrong in various situations are often found to mature into adults who have no moral compass to guide their decisions. Parents should have interest in their children’s moral growth because if not guided by the parents, the children will seek guidance elsewhere and would be vulnerable to an outsider’s influence. The Parents lack of interest in morality deprives the …show more content…
Children often hear multiple moral beliefs which contradict each other and cause the child to struggle with moral decisions. In the beginning of Cole’s article he tells the story of a little girl who looked to her parents for moral guidance, but is not given the direct guidance she wants, which caused her “[To be] torn between her loyalty to her particular background, its values and assumptions, and to a larger affiliation- her membership in the nation, the world” (Coles, 2003, p.439). Because of what her father being a mine owner she is already being shaped by him being well-off and telling her that the unjust are lazy people. Then, because of the way she sees all humanity equal through her membership in the world she starts to doubt what her dad is implying, by stating, “But I guess you have to feel sorry for anyone who has a lot of trouble, because it’s poured down heavy rain” (Coles, 2003, p.438). Meaning that even though her dad says they deserve punishment, she seems to have doubts that they actually deserve what happens to them, because they are humans

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