The Show Freaks And Geeks Essay

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The show Freaks and Geeks takes place in a high school in the 1980’s. It follows the main character, Lindsay, and her brother, Sam. Lindsey is trying to figure out where she belongs after struggling with her grandmother 's death. The girl who was once an A student and a Mathlete finds herself cutting classes and hanging out with the people who are called freaks and losers. Her brother Sam in a freshman in high school and his main problem is Allen, his “freshman tormentor”. A normal person would watch this show and pay attention to the stories and the punch lines, but here’s how a sociologist might view the show, through the three sociological lenses: Functionalism, Sociological Interactionism and Conflict Perspective.

Functionalism is the idea that every person serves some purpose in society. Society is like a human body, each institution is an organ and each organ serves a certain purpose, but could not function without the other organs doing their job because they all connect. In a school different groups, or instututions, serve different functions.In Freaks and Geeks the geeks do things like win comptetions and run homecoming dances while the freaks do things like add comic relief to classes, and the popular group keeps the social heirarchy in order. There were several examples or Functionalism in both Freaks and Geeks and Souhegan High School. Many of them were the same. For example, a school is an institution and they serve a purpose in society. Both the high…

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