Essay on The Shaping A Vision Of Academic Success

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Shaping a vision of academic success, creating a hospitable climate for education, cultivating leadership in others, improving instruction and managing, data and processes, the five practices of a principal are the foundation of a high achieving school. Having had the opportunity to work in one school for over ten years and experiencing the change in principals, leadership styles and teacher reactions has allow me the opportunity to analyze the five practices of a principal.
Effective principals have to shape a vision of academic success for all students. The one word in that sentence that stands out to me is the word all. Schools have to have high expectations for all students if we expect to close the achievement gap between advantaged and less advantaged, non-white and white, male and female, these statements are made in schools however the actual plan to make this a reality is still a plan. I have had principals begin the school year with wonderful motivational speeches saying how we can reach every child and every child can learn. I agree with those statements however as educators we continue to teach the content the same to all students, we have to change as the makeup of our school changes. I have yet to have a principal ready to implement or make any radical changes that can bring about significant changes in the achievement gap. For example, I teach in a middle school, therefore we have teams. The teams are broken into three groups the gifted team, regular…

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