The Sexualized Generation Essay

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The Sexualized Generation In 2008 I was ten years old and I, like many other young girls, looked up to Miley Cyrus and many other teen celebrities. That year Vanity Fair released an image of Miley nude with only a sheet to cover herself with. She was only fifteen years old. After this image was released many adults were upset, and questioned if she was an appropriate role model for young girls like myself. While this was happening however, I was questioning why there was such a fuss over an image of a girl who not only had everything covered, but also looked like a piece of art. I thought she looked flawless, natural, and beautiful. Although I had a basic understanding of age and how my age group should behave, I didn’t truly understand how a teenagers should. I wasn’t shocked by this image because I thought that this was just what fifteen year olds looked like. While many adults were arguing if she should be a role model I was convinced she still was. From a very early age I had been surrounded by sexualized women on the television, in commercials, and even in music videos, and I thought that was just how women and girls were supposed to look. Looking back I am appalled at the situation that she was put in at such a young age. When I was young I believed that she was older than she truly was, but I now realize that she was only a girl who could hardly be considered a teenager. Now instead of questioning why people were overreacting I question why she was blamed instead…

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