The Setting Of The Book Essay

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• The setting of the book took place in Warsaw, Poland, during World War 2. At the time, German soldiers, otherwise known as Jackboots, invaded Warsaw. Being who you were, meant the difference between life and death. The main character of the book is Misha. Before he met Uri, another character, he was called “Stopthief.” It wasn’t really his name but he assumed this because that’s what people called when he ran with loaves of bread. Misha had no family nor friends at the time. He had no place to call home. Misha loved to run. Whenever he stole, it was usually food. His scrawny body made it easier to stay hidden amongst the crowds of people. It also helped with his speed. Soon later, Misha is introduced to a group of orphan “misfits.” These boys are Jewish and at the time, that was the worst type of person you could be. Uri takes place as his guardian taking care of him and teaching him right from wrong. When Misha and Uri are out stealing, Misha gets his first glimpse of a Jackboot. He says that they are “magnificent” and that he wants to be one when he grows older. Although, Misha has no idea what a Jackboot is really like and how many lives they’ve ruined.

Later in the story, while Misha is running to escape from a Jackboot, he ends up at the house of a girl, a little younger than himself. She introduced herself as Janina Milgrom, another Jew. They started to talk. Misha introduced himself as well, telling her the story of his mother, father, horse Greta, and his…

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