The Serpent And The Scope Analysis

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The Serpent and the Rope, winner of the Sahitya Academy Award in the year 1963, is considered a milestone in Indian-English fiction, its form showing a successful orchestration of Indian and Western methods. The Cat and the Shakespeare, a metaphysical comedy, is an exemplar of theoretical fiction. The Chessmaster and His Moves are characterized by a range of momentous symbols. Here ‘The Chessmaster’ himself and his ‘moves’ are what he makes man do. Raja Rao’s place in the empire of Indian English fiction is safe as the most Indian of novelists in English, as stylist, symbolist, myth-creator, the finest artist of the East-West encounter and a philosophical novelist. During the period of the major trio, Anand, Narayan and Rao, who formed epoch-making pieces of Indian fiction writing in English, many other novelists were lively and a considerable number of novels were fashioned. …show more content…
These novels are Ahmed Ali’s Twilight in Delhi (1940) and Ocean of Night (1964), Iqbalunnisa Hussain’s Purdah and Polygamy: Life in an Indian Muslim Household (1944), Humayun Kabir’s Men and River (1945), a novel based on a folk tale, Amir Ali’s Conflict (1947), Via Geneva (1967) and Assignment in Kashmir (1973), K. A. Abbas’s Tomorrow is Ours: A Novel of the India of Today (1943) and Inquilab: A Novel of the Indian Revolution (1955). Among others who deserve mention are: Dhan Gopal Mukherji’s four novels: Kari, The Elephant (1922), Hari, the Jungle Lad (1924), The Chief of the Herd (1929), and Ghond, the Hunter

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