The Separation Of This Once Tight Knit Family Essay

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Section two discusses the separation of this once tight knit family. The family at this point is already torn apart by Marianne’s rape. They have moved in different directions of their lives. Marianne was already sent away to live at her aunt, a cruel action by her parents that alienated her from her family. Mike quit working for Mulvaney Roofing and joined the Marines. Patrick left the farm and attends college at Cornell. Judd is the only sibling still live at home; he’s now sixteen year old and attends high school.

Oates now introduces more details of how the rape affected Marianne and her siblings. Marianne herself, is still longing to go back home and for her father to speak with her. She asks Judd “Does he ever say anything about me” “Does he ever say my name” (Oates 193). “I’ll probably be home this summer, for sure, Mom was saying” (Oates 268). Oates also touches on the fact that Marianne might not even know when she is being taken advantage of as an individual. She sacrifices her own needs and education; to give to others at the Coop.

The rape changed the once outgoing, confided Marianne. The same way she sacrificed her own justice by not testifying and going along with leaving the farm; just to please her parents. She puts others first at the coop before her own needs. She once took pride in her appearance, now she wears ill fitting clothing and has an unflattering short haircut. Her self confidence is lacking and I believe she thinks she deserved less for…

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